Jun 18, 2012

Xbox Surface? More rumors ahead of today's reveal | Microsoft - CNET News

Xbox Surface? More rumors ahead of today's reveal | Microsoft - CNET News: 'via Blog this'

Tonight Redmond reveals what is Xbox Surface. While this name may mean nothing to the average laymen, for us techlightened individuals it means so much more. It is a name that will live in infamy for a at least a couple weeks, and in the tech industry that's a lot.

Microsoft Surface was a badass tech innovation by Big M about a touch-screen table top that could interface with more than just your dirty fingertips. It could apparently understand what object was being placed on top of it, meaning it could tell you put down a cup of coffee and... I don't know, I guess it could tell you its coffee, whatever, its still cool. It could also sync up with an electronic devise for wireless sync, mobile payments, streaming whatevers, and that's the part that sounded really interesting. I've only ever seen it in trailers, but you can easily recognize it in many many films, its that table top that the main characters gather around and look at photos and documents and stuff. Its totally real. The only movie I can think of at the moment is the remake of the The Day the Earth Stood Still.

 So with that in mind we can conjure up a whole bunch of neat apparitions of what this new device could be. An Xbox super-tablet controller with Kinect gesture navigation and Zune wireless sync running Windows 8 and fabulous Metro. Oh the possibilities. Dazzle me, Mr. Balmer!


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