Jan 30, 2012

Crisis on Infinite Internets: Part 1 - "The Death of Sopa-Man"

Screen capture, baby!

Introducing 'Follow The Saga': the whole story, regardless of where you jump in

For those of you who haven't been following the SOPA crisis, here is a link to an excellent article on Engadget that highlights all the crazy twists and turns that turned this simple legislative act into a declaration of war against the internet. A war that saw the long prophecized invasion of the by the Entertainment Giants, the fracturing of the Technology Community and it's decent into Civil War, former rivals like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook finding themselves fighting side by side on the front lines, the unlikely rise of Wikipedia as the wizened leader of the rebellion against tyranny, the corporate-backed razing of MegaUpload as the first blood drawn, the ideological rise of the digital black bloc known as Anonymous and their path of destruction across the government and corporate cyberspace, and lest we forget, The BlackOut, aka "The Day the Internet Said Fuck You."

And prolly a bunch of other stuff happened too. Read it and support a free and uncensored internet!

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