Oct 21, 2011

Playstation Suite? Playstation Sweet!

Look at ole Kaz, lounging like an OG, not a care in the world...
 Kaz Hirai: Sony is 'in discussions with non-Sony companies' over PlayStation Suite

So basically we may see the sexy, svelt logo of the Sony Playstation on some other devises. Some might say this disrupts the purity of the gaming platform, but those people are buttheads. I think this is great.

They days of the Hardware/Software marriage are over, it's all about open relationships now. I can access my PDA from my computer, I can watch streaming TV on my Phone, I can turn my shoes into a wireless hotspot, I can activate Kinect with my balls, a magical wonderful world of everything pluging their things into everything else. I love it.

This brings up a number of interesting ideas about where gaming is headed. If my sweet gamage is no longer limited to the giant cinderblock that's heating the floor in front of my TV, do I even need the cinderblock anymore.

I think Microsoft's approach is pretty neat. They wanna turn your Xbox into a magic entertainment hub. All the fun stuff flows through it, it can sync real easy with all your computers and doodleydoos, it can play your music, it can stream movies, and now it has streaming TV channels as well, oh and it also plays video games. It's a solid strategy I think, if I can get like 6 electronic devises in one plus play games it's, what they would call, a good investment.

It makes you wonder though if it's basically a super-ingelligent android VCR, will it continue to be a game console? Cause if people start buying it for the other stuff, Ballmer just might up and say, "Screw games, let's sell VCRs"

This thing actually looks pretty sexy.
So, with Playstation announcing their thing, we see sort of the opposite. While the XBox is getting bigger, the Playstation is getting smaller. Look at it this way. I'm broke, bitch! I'm prolly not gonna by the Vita or a PS3 anytime soon, but I still wanna game. So I would download the Playstation Suite on my phone in a heartbeat if I could. I might even buy a game or two. That's cash Sony can get that they wouldn't otherwise. Good thinking, Kaz.

However, if anyone can the soul of a Playstation to possess their smartcrap, why would anyone buy the hardware. I dunno, I prolly woundn't.

What would be truly awesome is if Xbox Live does the same and makes an app of something for Android, then I could have their widgets sitting side by side on my home screen. I'd feel like some sort of Uber-Gamer.

As for Nintendo, I don't know if they're doing anything, but knowing them, they will prolly never do anything to soil the prestige of their precious brand name by letting anyone else touch it. In a world where cross-platform, digital download shenanigans is becoming the norm, Nintendo could be left behind. Then again this is Nintendo, they are the Apple of video games, who knows what they'll come up with.

It would be so so so so tight to be able to get the Virtual Console on your phone or tablet though. Man, playing Starfox 64 on my Galaxy, it makes me a little hard just thinking about it... Sorry.

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