Dec 19, 2011

Highs and Lows for Google in 2011

It might be cool to live in a neighborhood thats all Google colors.

Here is an excellent list from highlighting the Top 10 and Bottom 10 moves Google has made over the last year.

Google is a hardcore dame. A stalwart juggernaut of the emerging electronic hegemony. Pretty soon Google will be able to connect with and improve nearly every aspect of your life, starting with work and school, and moving on to everything from cooking and gaming to washing your car or improving your love life. It could happen.

Some of the the Bottom 10 on the list I see more as stepping stones and invaluable learning experiences. For example, the Chromebook and Chrome OS. This is the future of computing and maybe the world's just not there yet, but to have a super-thin, super-light internet optimized lap top is exactly what 90% of the computing community wants, even if they don't realize it yet. And the Chrome Web Store is pretty neat, even if its a little redundant.

Another example is Google TV. Right now it's somewhat of a gimpy system, but that's not Google's fault. It's the cable companies and the television networks who are scared of its raw power. To be able to surf for any TV Show or Movie or YouTube Video, with additional online content, from the comfort of your own butt on the couch, thats what we have always wanted whether you want to admit it or not! Not to mention there seems to be something in the works to turn it into a gaming console as well, fingers crossed

Never count out Google. Tech people like to look down on them because they are "merely" am internet company, a search engine of all things. The hardware giants like Apple and Microsoft sneer down at Google from their ivory towers (PC towers that is :), but Big G makes up for it's humble beginnings with a drive and innovation that lead the electronic living industry. With their upcoming aquisition of Motorla and their burgeoning Broadband company that boasts a 1/Gbit per second bandwidth. We all might be living in Google Future very soon... Unless that pesky Apocalypse happens...

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  1. I do hope it lasts longer than the nc6120 I had awhile back though, which developed a motherboard fault. I've not tested the battery but since it's probably had a hard life the 1hr 37mins estimated is probably correct.