Oct 17, 2011

Walking Dead; Breaks TV Ratings, Makes Big Moves in Social TV

“Walking Dead” Breaks TV Ratings, Makes Big Moves in Social TV http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Mashable/~3/YESWdwcAsx0/ #buzzdeck

As sci fi genres go Zombie fiction is like romance novel. U know what ur gonna get, you'll get it with little augmentation, and you will enjoy it cause it satisfies that insatiable lust u have for it. It pulp. Delicious juicy pulp. However. The Walking Dead is different. Its real drama set in a zombie pulp world. Its quality entertainment that any descerning critic can watch with an awesome sci fi back drop. This is what sci fi is meant to be. Not goofy gimics and spaceship exploding, its real liturature adapting to the unknown. Answering the question of weither we will still be human when faced with the inhumanity of science. So take that reality shows! You unrealistic shitbags!

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