Oct 17, 2011

Hello Moto

I felt it as soon as I made my contract. There was a change in me. Something dark... something unwholesome... It crept in like some oozing black liquid, between my fingers, between my teeth, between the veins in my chest and into my heart... It filled the void in me, and now... I am more it than man...

That thing just happens to be my smartphone. YAY! Crafted for me by the magnificent bastards at Samsung, and powered by the greedy pigs at American Telephone and Telegraph (also known as AT&T).

Its Galaxy S, specifically a Captivate. I love this little prick. I spend so much of my time on it that Ive become one of “Those Guys””. You know them. The guys who are always on their phone, always texting or catching up on the latest update of who knows what. They rarly look you in the eye, because their ocular nerves are unaccustomed to things that arent 4.7 inches with multi-touch. Thats me now. And f**k you if you aint down wit it!

I am a nerd, I accept it, I thrive on it, I live it. I want to be one with the computers, like Tron but better written. So Im gonna blather on about the cool stuff I find and hope some one is bored enough to listen. Ok, love you, bye.

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